Introduction to Horizon NDR

Check Point Horizon NDRClosed Network Detection and Response is a comprehensive technology stack for Network Detection and Response. The network sensors can be deployed on premises or in cloud environments. To log in to the Web portal, go to

The Check Point Horizon NDR service concept:

  • Sensors analyze network traffic, and generate logs which are sent to the NDR cloud for storage and analysis.

  • Behavioral Analytics AIClosed Artificial Intelligence engines process the logs and create analytical conclusions.

  • Human analysts use event visualization tools for more data comprehension.

  • Identify data anomalies through correlation with ThreatCloud intelligence and application risk scoring.

  • Publish analytical conclusions as threat indicators and tags.

  • Input feeds pull threat indicators from third party threat intelligence sources.

  • Enforcement points apply the indicators and match them to network traffic, for detect or prevent actions.

This guide focuses on the sensor deployment for the Horizon NDR application. You can achieve network visibility in minutes, with easy intuitive deployment, minimal configuration, and no impact on business traffic. No other Check Point products are required for Horizon NDR to work.