Integration with Samsung Knox Manage / Samsung SDS EMM

Note - This chapter provides the procedure to integrate Harmony Mobile with Samsung Knox Manage UEMClosed Unified Endpoint Management. An architecture and approach that controls different types of devices such as computers, smartphones and IoT devices from a centralized command point.. However, you can use this chapter as a reference to integrate Harmony Mobile with Samsung SDS EMMClosed Enterprise Mobility Management. A set of tools and processes to secure and manage company-owned or employee-owned (BYOD) devices irrespective of their locations..

Preparing UEM Platform for Integration

Samsung Knox Manage deploys Harmony Mobile Protect App on a device.


  • Harmony Mobile service integrates with Samsung Knox Manage through the existing API. To enable integration, you must first create a Samsung Knox Manage API client.

Creating an API Client

  1. Navigate to Advanced > EMM API > API Client and click on Add button.

  2. Set new Client ID and password. Keep those details for the integration with Harmony later. We recommend token validity to be set to 86400. Then click Save

Device Enrollment and Creating a Group

Harmony Mobile support group synchronization (Organization sync is not supported).