Introduction to Harmony Mobile

Check Point Harmony Mobile is the most complete threat defense solution designed to prevent emerging fifth generation cyber-attacks and allows workers to safely conduct business. Its technology protects against threats to the OS, applications, and network, scoring the industry’s highest threat catch rate without impacting performance or user experience.

Harmony Mobile delivers threat prevention technology that:

  • Performs advanced app analysis to detect known and unknown threats

  • Prevents man-in-the-middle attacks on both cellular and WiFi networks

  • Blocks phishing attacks on all apps: email, messaging, social media

  • Prevents infected devices from sending sensitive data to botnets

  • Blocks infected devices from accessing corporate applications and data

  • Mitigates threats without relying on user action or mobile management platforms

Harmony Mobile uses a variety of patent-pending algorithms and detection techniques to identify mobile device risks, and triggers appropriate defense responses that protect business and personal data.

The Harmony Mobile solution ("the Solution") includes these components:

  • Harmony Mobile Behavioral Risk Engine ("the Engine")

  • Harmony Mobile Gateway ("the Gateway")

  • Harmony Mobile Management Dashboard ("the Dashboard")

  • Harmony Mobile Protect App ("the App") for iOS and Android

Solution Architecture





Harmony Mobile Protect App

  • The Harmony Mobile Protect App is a lightweight app for iOS® and Android™ that protects the device and helps analyze threats to devices in the Enterprise environment. It monitors operating systems device configurations, apps behavior and network connections and provides data to the solution which it uses to identify suspicious or malicious behavior.

  • To protect user privacy, the App examines critical risk indicators found in the anonymized data it collects.

  • The App performs some analysis on the device while resource-intensive analysis is performed in the cloud. This approach minimizes impact on device performance and battery life without changing the end-user experience.



For more information on how to integrate the Harmony Mobile solution with different UEMs, see Harmony Mobile UEM Integration Guide.


Harmony Mobile Gateway

  • The cloud-based Check Point Harmony Mobile Gateway is a multi-tenant architecture to which mobile devices are registered.

  • The Gateway handles all Solution communications with enrolled mobile devices and with the customer’s (organization’s) Dashboard instance.

  • No Personal Information is processed by or stored in the Gateway.


Harmony Mobile Management Dashboard


Behavioral Risk Engine

  • The cloud-based Harmony Mobile Behavioral Risk Engine (BREClosed Behavioral Risk Engine) uses data it receives from the App about network, configuration, and operating system integrity data, and information about installed apps to perform in-depth mobile threat analysis.

  • The Engine uses this data to detect and analyze suspicious activity, and produces a risk score based on the threat type and severity.

  • The risk score determines if and what automatic mitigation action is needed to keep a device and its data protected.

  • No Personal Information is processed by or stored in the Engine.



Supported Operating Systems (OS)

Harmony Mobile is supported on these mobile OS versions:

  • Android - Version 8.x or higher.

  • iOS - Version 13.x or higher.

API Reference

Harmony Mobile API allows you to view and configure users, devices, device groups, connect to UEMs, retrieve security events from third-parties and so on, using REST API calls.

To access Harmony Mobile API:

  1. Go to

  2. Click Harmony.

  3. In the Harmony Mobile API widget, click Open.

Note - To view and configure your tenants, users, services and licenses in the Infinity Portal, go to Infinity Portal API.