Reconnect Tool

You can use the Reconnect tool to reconnect all your Endpoint Security clients to a new Endpoint Management ServerClosed Check Point Single-Domain Security Management Server or a Multi-Domain Security Management Server..

To install the Reconnect tool:

  1. Log in to the Endpoint Manager Server to which you want to connect your Endpoint Security clients.

  2. Go to Service Management and click Reconnect Tool to download the reconnect.utility.exe file.

  3. Run the .exe file.

  4. Select Start and type CMD.

  5. Right-click Command Prompt and select Run as administrator.

    The Command Prompt window opens.

  6. Navigate to the directory where the Recovery tool is located.

  7. Run:

    maketool.bat .\config.dat <client_uninstall_password>

    The system creates the reconnect_utility.exe file that contains the details of server that the endpoint requires to reconnect to the new sever.

    Notes -

    • Use of a client_uninstall_password is optional. If you do not specify the password, user must enter the password when running the Recovery tool on their computer. If you use special (non-alphanumeric) characters in the password, such as !,@, $, enclose the password within quotation marks. For example,"!1@3$5^7*9".

    • If you do not want to show the confirmation message “The reconnect tool was run successfully", add /silent in the command. For example, maketool.bat /silent \path_to\config.dat[client_uninstall_password].

  1. Distribute the reconnect_utility.exe file to the computers.

    1. Double-click the reconnect_utility.exe file and follow the on-screen instructions.

      The Endpoint Security client connects to the new Endpoint Management Server.

    2. Stop all the daemons.

    3. Replace the configuration file.

    4. Reload the daemon.

Note - If Endpoint Security clients with version E85.60 and higher cannot connect to the new Endpoint Management Server, your Endpoint Security clients may still be connected to the old Endpoint Management Server. For more information, see sk92329.