The ComplianceClosed Check Point Software Blade on a Management Server to view and apply the Security Best Practices to the managed Security Gateways. This Software Blade includes a library of Check Point-defined Security Best Practices to use as a baseline for good Security Gateway and Policy configuration. component of Endpoint Security makes sure that endpoint computers comply with security rules that you define for your organization. Computers that do not comply show as non-compliant and you can apply restrictive policies to them.

The Compliance component makes sure that:

If an object (for example an OU or user) in the organizational tree violates its assigned policy, its compliance state changes, and this affects the behavior of the endpoint computer:

  • The compliant state is changed to non-compliant.

  • The event is logged, and you can monitor the status of the computer and its users.

  • Users receive warnings or messages that explain the problem and give a solution.

  • Policy rules for restricted computers apply. See Connected, Disconnected and Restricted Rules.