Check Point CloudGuard for Nutanix delivers multi-layered defense to protect East-West traffic within the Nutanix deployed data center. CloudGuard transparently enforces security at the hypervisor level and between Virtual Machines (VMs), and provides comprehensive visibility into Virtual Network traffic trends and threats. CloudGuard Network Security Gateway for Nutanix is automatically deployed as a service Virtual Machine (VM) in a virtual environment. The CloudGuard Gateway secures Nutanix Data Center traffic between VMs across the Virtual Network.

CloudGuard Controller for Nutanix

  • CloudGuard Controller support for Nutanix DC.

  • CloudGuard supports importing Nutanix virtual infrastructure entities.

  • CloudGuard Controller for Nutanix connects to Nutanix Data Center and integrates the virtual cloud environment with Check Point Security Gateways. CloudGuard Controller automatically updates the Security Policy and security logs.

  • CloudGuard reads the inventory from Nutanix Data Center and allows the security operator to use Virtual Machines and categories from the inventory as part of the Security Policy. CloudGuard watches these objects and updates the gateway regarding any change that might occur on the Nutanix side.

  • Nutanix allows the dynamic export of network topology, which provides CloudGuard with immediate access to all network configuration changes

CloudGuard Network Security Integration with Nutanix Flow

  • Deployment of CloudGuard Network R81 Security Gateways with Nutanix Calm Blueprint.

  • Applying Micro-segmentation with Nutanix Flow and CloudGuard Network R81 Security Gateways.

  • CloudGuard Network Security Gateways Auto-provision using Cloud Management extension (CME).

  • Support for CloudGuard Central Licensing

Supported Upgrade Paths

You cannot upgrade from older versions of CloudGuard for Nutanix

Security Management Server Requirements

  • To use the CloudGuard Controller for Nutanix, you must install a dedicated Hotfix on the Management Server. See sk173224.

  • To use the CloudGuard Controller for Nutanix, you must use a dedicated SmartConsole Client. See sk173224.

Known Limitations

Before you install CloudGuard, see sk173404 for the complete list of known Limitations.