Introduction to Harmony Email & Collaboration


SaaS applications deliver many benefits to businesses of all sizes, but expose them to risks from advanced threats largely because of unauthorized access to corporate SaaS accounts. Harmony Email & Collaboration provides complete protections against even the most sophisticated malware and zero-day threats while easily preventing account breaches.

  • Zero-Day Threat Protection

  • Phishing Protection Identity

  • Prevent Account Takeover

  • Data Leakage Prevention

  • SaaS Shadow IT Discovery

  • Intuitive Cloud Management

About this Guide

This guide describes how to protect cloud email and collaboration suites using Harmony Email & Collaboration.

Learn how to:

  • Activate the protection for supported SaaS (Software as a Service) applications.

  • Navigate the portal for each menu item.

  • Configure and add policy rules to fit your security needs.

  • Review events.

  • Quarantine emails and files.

  • Work with custom queries.