Upgrading SmartDashboard-Managed Clients

Download all files from the Endpoint Security Clients for Windows release. See the Release Map section for the list of releases.

You can distribute an upgrade of the Remote Access clients from the Security Gateway, while the user is connected to it, using the TRAC.cab file.

The installation is downloaded automatically from the Security Gateway, and it installs automatically.

This is only for users who are upgrading from a previous version. You cannot edit the file before you distribute it.

To automatically update clients to this release of Remote Access clients or a future release, upgrade the client package on the Security Gateway. Then all clients receive the new package when they next connect.

There are two packages: one for ATM installation and one for non-ATM installation.

Each package has these files:

  • TRAC_ATM.cab or TRAC.cab

  • ver.ini

  • CheckPointEndpointSecurityForATM.msi (packaged in the CAB file)

  • CheckPointVPN.msi

Users must have administrator privileges to install an upgrade with an MSI package. Administrative privileges are not required for automatic upgrades from the Security Gateway.

Unattended (ATM) Clients

You cannot upgrade regular Remote Access clients and unattended (ATM) Endpoint Security VPN clients from the same Security Gateway.

Important - If you download the Automatic Upgrade for ATM file, you get a file called TRAC_ATM.cab. You must rename it to TRAC.cab before you put it on the Security Gateway.

When the ATM client is installed with No Office Mode, those attributes will not change during upgrade. If the client is automatically upgraded, it is an ATM client with No Office Mode.

You can distribute a customized package from the Security Gateway. See the Remote Access VPN Clients for Windows Administration Guide > Setting Up Remote Access clients > Automatic Upgrade from the Security Gateway > Upgrading with a Customized Package

For E80.86 and higher client there is an unattended client package for Endpoint Security clients. To learn how to install and upgrade unattended Endpoint Security clients, see the E80.86 and higher Endpoint Security Client for ATMs Deployment Guide.