Check Point offers multiple enterprise-grade VPN clients to fit a wide variety of organizational needs. The Remote Access VPN stand-alone clients provide a simple and secure way for endpoints to connect remotely to corporate resources over the Internet, through a VPN tunnel, and are all SmartDashboard-managed.

These are the stand-alone clients offered in this release:

  • Endpoint Security VPN - Incorporates Remote Access VPN with Desktop Security in a single client. It is recommended for managed endpoints that require a simple and transparent remote access experience together with Desktop Firewall rules.

  • Check Point Mobile for Windows - An easy to use IPsec VPN client to connect securely to corporate resources. Together with the Capsule Workspace clients for iPhone and Android, and the Check Point SSL VPN portal, this client offers a simple experience that is primarily targeted for non-managed machines.

  • SecuRemote - A secure, yet limited-function IPsec VPN client, primarily targeted for small organizations that require very few Remote Access clients.

For a detailed feature comparison, see Comparison of Remote Access Clients.

Endpoint Security VPN is also the Remote Access VPN client in the Endpoint Security Suite.

Note - Starting E80.8x, the Remote Access VPN client is not supported on a computer with the end-of-life Full Disk Encryption stand-alone client (R7.x or FDE 7.x). Installing or upgrading the Remote Access VPN client on a computer with the Full Disk Encryption stand-alone client may cause the computer to become non-functional.

We recommend that you read this document before you install E86.10 Remote Access clients.