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This document describes how to perform a manual on-boarding and configuration process for CloudGuard SaaS where customers bind their Office 365 environment to CloudGuard SaaS.

After you select to bind SaaS to your Office 365, the Office 365 Install Mode window opens. Select one of these modes in the window that opens:

  • Automatic mode - CloudGuard SaaS automatically configures Office 365 emails to operate in Detect modes (Detect & Detect and Remediate) and/or Preventmode. You only need to authorize the CloudGuard SaaS app during the wizard and all configuration changes are applied automatically.

  • Manual mode - You must manually perform the necessary configurations in the Office 365 Admin Exchange Center before you bind the application.

This document details the various settings that need to be configured in the Office 365 Exchange Admin Center. We recommend that you review if any of these scenarios listed below apply to you:

  • You want to choose automatic mode but first want to learn the configuration changes that are automatically applied to Office 365.

  • You want to choose manual mode and need to know what the initial configuration should be.

Note - In this guide, {portal} refers to your portal name. The portal name can be found in the Office 365 Install window.

Finally, if you have any questions about how to apply these changes in the configuration, contact the Check Point Support Center for assistance.