Log.ic Alerts

You can configure CloudGuard Log.ic to sent an alert when specific events occur in your cloud network. Log.ic monitors log information from your cloud environment in near real-time, and can generate an alert in response to an event. You (or other designated recipients) will receive this alert as an email, and will be able to respond to the event almost immediately.

To receive alerts you must first set up a Policy. The policy includes a ruleset with specific Log.ic alert definitions, which are applied to selected cloud environments (VPCs). A Notification Policy is also associated with the policy, indicating where alerts are to be sent.

In the Log.ic menu you can set up rulesets, policies, and notification policies.


  • Automatic and continuous monitoring of your cloud accounts according to queries configured for your enterprise needs

  • Automatic generation of near real-time alerts based on specific events and thresholds, issued to user-defined notification targets

  • Built-in rulesets covering many common enterprise needs can be applied to your accounts out-of-the-box


To save a query as an alert, see Create an Alert from a Query.

Log.ic includes a number of predefined (Dome9-managed) rulesets and alerts.

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