CloudGuard (Dome9) Mobile App


The CloudGuard (Dome9) Mobile app can be used to create dynamic access leases or to open authorization windows for IAM users.

The mobile app can be installed from the Google Play Store (, for Android devices, and from the Apple App Store (, for IOS devices. Once it is installed, you must pair it to your CloudGuard (Dome9) account.

Value to customers

  • instant ability for CloudGuard (Dome9) admin users to create dynamic access leases while on the go.

  • additional security for IAM users to authorize access for themselves


  • on-the-go need to create a dynamic access lease

  • open an authorization window


Install and pair the CloudGuard (Dome9) mobile app

Follow the steps below to install the CloudGuard (Dome9) mobile app, and pair it with your CloudGuard (Dome9) account. To use the mobile app, you must have a screen lock protection method your device.

  1. In the Google Play store or Apple App Store, search for the CloudGuard (Dome9) app, and install it.

  2. In the CloudGuard (Dome9) console on your computer, navigate to the CloudGuard (Dome9) user admin menu, and select My Settings.

  3. Select the Mobile Devices tab.

  4. Click Enroll New Device.

  5. Click GENERATE to generate a verification code.

  6. On your mobile device, start the CloudGuard (Dome9) app.
    Enter the email address you use with your CloudGuard (Dome9) account, and then enter the verification code. The mobile device will be paired with your CloudGuard (Dome9) account, and it will then appear in the CloudGuard (Dome9) console in the list of Devices, as Active.

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