Policy Reports

The Policy Reports page shows a breakdown of your cloud assets, and security group policies. For AWS assets, the security group policies are further broken down according to type of asset.

You can select tabs to show detail for specific asset types, and you can further filter or search this information for specific policies.

Once generated, the Policy Report can also be exported to a CSV file.

You can label and save filters, to re-use or share with other users. For example, to show all instances of security groups with SSH rules associated with them, in the Ireland AWS Region of your production account, construct a query with the following filter:

Too save the filter, click FILTERS, in the upper left, and enter a name in the Create Filter box.


You can group information shown in the tabs, according to the columns that are displayed. Use this to organize the information.

To group information, click GROUP BY, in the upper left, and then select the field to be grouped.

You can repeat this, to group information within the groups. The groups you have created appear in the upper left.

You can also remove groups.

Export To CSV files

Click EXPORT TO CSV, in the upper right, to export the displayed list of policies to a file.