CloudGuard Dome9 Notification Policies

Notification Policies indicate how and when notifications of findings are sent. Findings can be sent by secure email, AWS SNS. They can also be forwarded to the Alerts dashboard.

Notification Policies are included in Compliance Policies and Log.ic Policies, to issue notifications of findings for either of these two features. The same Notification Policy can be used for both Compliance and Log.ic. In addition, more than one notification policy can be included in a Compliance or Log.ic policy (directing findings to multiple targets).

Notification types

Notification Policies can have different types of notifications of findings. These include email reports, compliance reports, SNS notifications, and messages to external ticketing systems such as ServiceNow and PagerDuty using HTTP endpoints. Reports can be executive summary reports, or detailed reports of the compliance posture of your networks.

The following are the different types of notifications that can be selected for Notification Policies.

Executive Summary Report

The executive summary report will show you the results score for each of your cloud accounts, and compare it to the previous results (in the previous report). It will also show an aggregated result for all your accounts. It is sent by email.

Detailed Report

The detailed report will show you, in addition to the information in the summary report, details for each failed test. it will also show new or changed findings since the previous report, and list findings from previous reports that have been resolved. This will provide a complete picture of the compliance posture of your cloud environments, and an indication of progress towards resolving open issues. It is sent by email.

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