CloudGuard Dome9 Help

User admin menu


This menu has general administrative actions, where you can modify settings for your Dome9 account. It also has links to online documentation.


View and change your Dome9 account settings (My Settings)

Configure the following items for your Dome9 account:

  • Set credentials for account (password, API key (for developers using the Dome9 API, MFA for login)

  • Set notifications (by email) for various events and conditions

  • Configure Access Leases - default lease time for connections

  • Apply or remove IAM Safety protection to IAM entities (users, roles) for your AWS accounts

  • Manage mobile devices connected to your account with the Dome9 mobile app.

View and change your Dome9 account settings (Account Settings)

Setup the following items for your Dome9 account:

  • Enable/disable AWS SNS (notifications)

  • Set an Emergency Policy (agent-based)

  • Enable/disable single sign-on (SSO) to your account (see Single Sign-On)

  • Enable/disable cross-account access

View Account information (Account)

View usage statistics for your account. View or change your account plan.

  • Your Dome9 plan details - the modules you have included. Press  to view or choose alternative plans.

  • Usage statistics (for instances) - number of billable instances per day/week/month

  • Number of users on your account

Switch the location of the top level menus between top and side (Menu Position)

Switch between showing the top-level menus along the top of window, or along the left side.

Switch user roles

Switch to another role in your Dome9 account, The role must be defined, and assigned to you. SeeUsers & Roles.

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Users & Roles

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