This document applies to these appliances:

  • QLS250, QLS450, QLS650, and QLS800

  • 16000, 16600HS, 26000, 28000, and 28600HS

  • 6000 (excludes 6500, 6800) and 7000

  • TE2000XN

  • TE250XN

The Lights Out Management (LOM) application lets you remotely control Check Point appliances over a dedicated management channel. This management channel also works when the appliance is turned off or is not responding, if the appliance is connected to a power source.

LOM Port on an Appliance




Link indicator:

  • OFF- No Link

  • On (Green) - Link is established

  • Blink (Green) - Link is active


Activity/Speed indicator:

  • OFF - 10Mbps data rate is used

  • On (Green) - 100 Mbps data rate is used

  • On (Amber) - 1Gbps data rate is used

WebUI Requirements

To connect to the Lights Out Management (LOM) card WebUI, use a supported web browser:

  • Microsoft Edge

  • Mozilla Firefox

  • Google Chrome