Q:  Who can use BEYOND?

A:   Support Certified Partners, User Center Support Contacts and User Center Administrators will be able to create Support Service Requests or manage Support Service Requests.


Q:  Can I see previous updates (prior to the transition) on the Service Request?

A:   Yes, From the new Service Request view, click on ‘View Previous Updates’ this will direct you to the Service Requests updates prior to the transition, including activities, and attachments.


Q:  Is the Service Request ID format has changed?

A:   No. we kept same Service Request ID format.


Q:  Can I manage Service Requests created prior to the transition?

A:  Yes, all open Service Requests were migrated to the new system, BEYOND.


Q:  What happened to my closed SRs?

A:  All closed SRs from the last 2 years were migrated to the new system; we in Check Point will continue to have full visibility to your entire Service Requests History.


Q:  How should I update a Service Request opened prior to the transition to BEYOND?

A:  To update a Service Request opened prior to the transition, login to ‘Beyond’, search for the Service Request # and post your update.

     After receiving the first email notification from BEYOND, you’ll be able to update your Service Request by replying the email.


Q:  Can I add my own reference number to the Service Request?

A:  Yes, just as in the old system, BEYOND gives you the option to add your own reference number during Service Request creation.


Q:  Are there any changes to the ticket creation flow?

A:  Two main changes:

1.    When creating a new Service Request with BEYOND, you will need to select an asset from a list of Assets related to the User Center Account.

Partners which are not directly connected to the User Center Account, will select ‘Other’ and will specify the User Center ID or Asset’s MAC/Serial#.

2.    RMA Service Request is a separate request type.


Q:  Can I still use the same channels to create and manage my Service Requests?

A:  Yes, you can contact us via the same channels: Web, Chat, and Phone. Please note that as part of this transition, Check Point Account Services will no

longer accept requests for case creation via email and will only create cases that are initiated via BEYOND.


Q:  Can I create a Service Request from Smart Dashboard?

   A:   Creating Service Request from Smart Dashboard is temporarily disabled, please use BEYOND portal to create new Service Request.


Q:  Does the new system require training?

A:  Full tutorial on how to use BEYOND is available here


My question is not answered here. How do I get an answer?

We are always available at beyond@checkpoint.com for any additional information.